"1 out of 812 applicants tested positive for drugs."


Sometimes after a long walk, I just need to chill out. Ice cubes and linoleum make me a happy puppy! 


History Parallels

1st image: 1967 Newark Riots

2nd image: 2014 Ferguson Protests

3rd image: 1964 Harlem Riots

4th image: 2014 Ferguson Protests


Get to Know Me Meme: 10 celebrity crushes or, “have coffee with me”
↳4/10: Mindy Kaling

I literally don’t understand visual art.




To say that the past few days have been emotionally taxing is to greatly understate and trivialize how hurt & fed up I am with the treatment of people, my people, in this country. 2014 and we’re no further from persecution & slaughter than we were since….ever. Since forever. At what point have we not been given the treatment of a rabid dog? Of subhuman? Of beings undeserving of fair & humane treatment? Of beings deserving of protection?

I am not impressed with your president’s statement regarding the death of an entertainer before that of a boy being senselessly put down by an officer of the law. Or the lack of transparency in the media & by the police. Or the fact that several eyewitnesses have corroborated & confirmed the story that Michael Brown, an 18 year old who was to be furthering his education post-high school as of yesterday, was shot multiple times and ultimately murdered with his hands raised in surrender pleading not to be, for j-walking. Though the media speculated shoplifting or a struggle with the officer, who has YET TO BE NAMED, there is still no justification for the fact that the victim was unarmed (though the pressing of the fact is problematic in & of itself) was executed and left on the cement to stew in a pool of his own blood for hours. Peaceful protests were met by canines and riot gear. The media failed, unsurprisingly to report that. Your president failed, unsurprisingly, to report that.

How many more innocent brown people are to be put on micro-trial & executed by law enforcement before it’s acceptable to be upset? Before it’s acceptable to be angry, stop asking for permission to have change & demand that it be given before there is consequence? I’m not satisfied. I won’t be until there is accountability and reform. We are tired, we are angry, and we are well within our right to be.

I can’t see this happen again. I need to do more.

(*Note: Photos provided by the timelines of people on the front lines in Ferguson & are not my own. To keep track of what’s happening as it happens or and get involved, vandalyzm & @antoniofrench (to name a few) have been my go to.

How many more innocent Black people…

I’m so fucking sick of this shit.

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Tbh the worst part of this website is queue puns



please can tyler posey and jennifer lopez do another movie together as mom and kid



The guy on the left = me

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The guy on the left = me

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So I saved a puppy that was abandoned this afternoon and my dad is beyond pissed at me because I brought her home. I had no intentions of keeping her, just trying to find her a place to go. One of my friends might be able to take her, but my next step is to call the animal control or a shelter if nobody can take her. This is so sad :(. 

attention south californian followers who want a cute rescue puppy

For those wondering this is what she looks like: 




kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho


Your character falls into the “friend zone” - Is this primarily a man’s problem, or are women put in the friend zone as well? x


"was that awkward eye contact or were we checking eachother out" - a life story

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